Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution: a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

Today is New Years Eve. George and I had our frist Christmas together which was so much fun. And now it's already time for the new year. And here I sit because I have nothing better to do.
There was a huge fiasco last night about what George and i would do today and who we would spend our time with on our first New Years Eve. But as we were all sleeping, George became what i would say "deathly ill." So, I guess we will just go home today and spend our time watching movies and doing absolutely nothing. Oh boy.
To be honest. We will probably be planning all the places we want to go before we have children. We decided yesterday that putting away money to go to Europe and anywhere else like Disneyland and such was not enough. So we started mapping out our trips and adding up costs, searching for hotels and such. It has been very exciting. I hope when we are in Europe someday that we are healthy...haha. Oh boy.
I figure this post is rather boring. I suppose because I was up all night with George all my creativity has left the building. But I will try once more...
It has been strange being married. Time has flown by and I'm almost not a newlywed anymore. haha. It will be three months on the 19th of January. CRAZY!!!
I have learned many things since I have been married. So many things that I probably don't even remember them all and will re-learn them in a couple days.
George is so full of adventure. He has such a thirst for life and for love. It's almost like he came out of a movie sometimes. He has pushed me to be better, and since we have been married I have changed. But I do believe it is for the better.
I had to work this past Saturday and George was a little bummed because he gets Saturdays off, but he was a cheerful sport and sent me on my way. Him and his father came and visited me at my work, and to top it all off, when I got home I opened the door to a sparkeling clean house.
I don't know how I landed such a handsome, devoted, wonderful guy, but I did. And I'd like to say that I'm quite lucky and don't let him know that quite enough.
This year has gone by in a blurr! I remember last April the thought of meeting my husband and getting married this year hadn't crossed my mind. I was gungho mission status and waiting for my college boyfriend and every other dude that I thought was worth it. I was going to be in Paris this past October, but I got married instead. I finished my first year of college. I made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I traveled out of state on my own for the first time. It's crazy how fast your life can be altered in one year. So I welcome this new year with open arms.
So for my resolutions this year i am going to do the following:
1. Appriciate George more vocally and tell him I love him more often
2. Become closer with my family.
3. Exercise three to four times a week.
4. Save enough money to go on a trip to Europe or somewhere out of the US
5. Maintain healthyer eating habbits
6. Find a passion for something (a hobby)
7. Cross at least one thing off my bucket list
8.Go to the temple at least once a month with George.
9. Write in my journal every Sunday.
10. Discover something new about myself.

My resolutions are simple, but isn't life about keeping things simple? So welcome 2013! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Love Always,

Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy

My husband (whoa...husband...haha) is always telling me that happiness is a choice.
Not because I'm an unhappy person, mind you, but because I've been stuck in this rut ever since the so called "wedding bliss" packed up and moved away.
Think about it.
I have no job.
No friends.
No church calling.
No family up here.
No hobby.
No school.
I have SQUAT.
I mean, I love being a "house-wife." I've always liked cooking and cleaning. It's just that my life has no purpose without anything else.
I have George and God and a phone so I can talk to people. But it's just not the same.
But I was sitting in Relief Society today, just listening to the lesson (which happened to be on President Uchdorff's (spelling?) talk from last conference.) and we split the talk up into three parts so we could get through it all.
His talk was on the 3 main regrets people have on their death bed.
Well, my group had the regret: I wish i had let myself be happy.
I was in utter shock.
I mean, I have been going through a lot lately and but that's no excuse to be ornery or sad all the time.
As of two weeks ago I started to work on this and I've had little tests of faith and little tender mercies all the way.
I never thought of how we have to ALLOW ourselves to be happy.
I mean, there are a MILLION things I want to do in this life, people.
But that doesn't mean that I should mope about how I'm not doing them right now or about how it will never happen. Because it will if I allow myself to take the time and spend the money and have the confidence, or whatever it may take for me to go places and see things and become someone.
The main point here, people, is that my husband is right, and that there is a conference talk to prove it.
Happiness IS a choice. IT IS!
So, although I've had a hard time choosing to be happy in the last two hours, I'm ready to chose to be happy now.
After all . . . isn't life all about dancing in the rain, anyway?

Song of the day: I'm Walking On Sunshine by (I don't know...)

Happy December, Peeps!

Love Always,
Mrs. Stewart