Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sail Away

George and I had the opportunity to go on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean with my family last week. It was a BLAST!
It was nice to escape reality again for a week since our honeymoon was only 2.5 days long. Our relationship benefited from it immensely. We just found joy in being together and experiencing things with one another. It was a good re-freshener. Much needed.
George was quite excited as he realized the majority of workers on the ship would be from Malaysia and he would be able to delve back into his missionary mode and speak with them in Malay. I have to admit, we made quite a few friends! Some of which included our dining stewards and our room stewards. I learned how to say Thank you (Tri Macasi is how it's pronounced, but I probably butchered the spelling) and lots of other things. We got some of their contact information. Pretty exciting.
This is how the trip went:
Sat: Flew to Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Sun: Sacrament meeting in the morning, board the ship at 1pm. Sail away at 5pm.
Just before we left port to sail the open seas! (I'm really not this tall. I was standing on a lawn chair.)

Mon: First day at Sea. We played Bingo, went to a dance, dined in the Manhattan Room, blah blah.
Tuesday: Made it to our first Island, Grand Turk (part of the Turk and Cacaos Islands). It wasn't all exciting to look at but we went horse back riding in the ocean and that was a BLAST! (although I was kind of freaked because I'm afraid of water.) Something I got to cross off my bucket list. We also ate at Margarita Ville (SO DELICIOUS!!!)

Wednesday: Puerto Rico!!! We went on a zip line through the rain forest (something else I've wanted to do since I was a little girl and got to cross off my bucket list). We also walked around and George and I got our picture drawn....I don't think it looks much like me but it was fun anyway! :D (sorry, couldn't get it to rotate...)
When we got back on the ship, we changed for a formal dinner and George and I stood on the balcony from our room and watched the nightlife of Puerto Rico sail away. It was beautiful with the stars, the lights from the city and the ship, the beautiful water, the light breeze, and the steel drums from our sister ship, the Westerdam that followed us. George grabbed my hands and danced with me for a minute, even. One of my favorite moments of the entire trip. A memory I won't forget.
Thursday: St. Maarteen. We went snorkeling which was awesome! We were on a catamaran in gorgeous turquoise water having the time of our lives with creepy Jamaicans. haha. We also went shopping and George got himself a watch and he bought me a ring. Both of which we got for an incredibly good deal because over there to barter for a price. George learned how on his mission, so he was really good at it. YAY!

Friday: Another Sea day...boring I have to admit. But I got some time alone to walk a couple miles around the ship. I kept wanting to sing Celine Dion the whole time. That night Chelsey, Stettesen, George, and I all hung out and went to a dessert thing by the pool. I wish I had had my camera. there were amazing sculptures. I felt like I was in a Willy Wonka bar. Candied apples, statues made of ice and chocolate, watermelon flowers, cakes and cupcakes that looked so beautiful I didn't want to eat them. It was awesome. All low light with candles and the pool lit up. It was pretty cool. Then we went and got crazy on the dance floor for a while. After which we went up to the front and very top of the boat and watched the stars for a while. (again. I wanted to sing Celine Dion...haha. I actually started to, but couldn't remember the words...)

This picture was on the back of the boat...the water sounded so powerful, it freaked me out...haha
Saturday: Half Moon Cay. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I picked up some seashells for my Activity Day girls. Went snorkeling and saw some awesome things including a baby barracuda! (ahhhhh!!!!) Chelsey, Mom, and I floated on our floaties for a while in the clear blue water. That was fun. :) Dad rented a cabana with a hot tub, chips and salsa, and snorkel gear. We all thought it'd be a tent. But it actually was this....pretty awesome. We winter babies were all so grateful for the shade.
We also went Jet Skiing.....something I never thought I'd do. I was so freaked out, a guide had to go in front of me to help me stay calm. I was sing-yelling church hymns and trying not to cry the whole time. Haha. I can say I've done it but I'm never doing it again. George and I also found a conch shell after the Jet ski's with the help of our guide. I collect sea shells so I was SUPER duper excited. George, being the wonderful hubby he is, carried it all the way home for me. We were all very happy to finally get some sun. Even after applying sunscreen about 4 times, George and I still got sunburned. In some of the oddest places, too....? And get this....I even TANNED a little...WHAT?!??! I NEVER tan! haha. Must be something in the water over there...

It was a good trip. The first time to the beach with George, my first time on a cruise, first time on Jet Skis, first time out of the country, etc. Lots of firsts. Can't wait for our next grand adventure!!!

P.S. On this trip, I learned there's better Reggae music out there other than Bob Marley. Thank goodness, too! haha

Mrs. Stewart

Valentines Day Melt Down

It seems I lost the "blogging fever" for a while there. Getting caught up in married life takes time and commitment, so thus my part time blogging employment has come back from the dead, I hope.

Valentines Day is something that I long looked forward to as a "newly" married woman. and I have to say...the day looked pretty tragic, but now as we look back, George and I have to chuckle a little. Although, I dare say that my chuckling is still a little bitter. Give me a couple years and it will be funny....Our First Valentines. Let me explain...
I was so looking forward to this day because it was a day I had long spent alone and was finally able to spend it with someone who actually cared about me completely and truly. It was all very exciting.
George had work all day and school right after and would not be home until around 9pm. Although we did not see each other all day, I sent in a cute little text with lots of x's and o's attached.
I cleaned the house and scurried off to work with a little pitter patter in my heart, so in love with my BFF.
When I got home, I frantically ran to the grocery store, put a slice of turtle cheesecake from work into the fridge, got the food in the crock pot, set up a little candlelight picnic in the center of our living room, had some mood music on softly in the background, curled my hair, and was almost ready to go. I was boiling some noodles and daydreaming of him arriving (finally) with white roses in hand, beaming from ear to ear, and speaking soft words of love in my hear as we sipped our martinelles and ate our homemade mac and cheese. Sound cheesy enough yet? Well, I was serious. It was our first valentines day and I wanted it to be perfect...(haha....ya right!)
I looked at the clock and realized it was past 830 and that George always calls me right when he gets out of class. Now, this is where watching Criminal Minds in my spare time doesn't pay off....I started to wonder all things accidents, some idiot crazy man on the run picking on George (I don't know what I was thinking since George can handle himself, but oh well), blah blah blah. So I called four times.... In the dating world that is a NONO but since we're married I figured it was okay and not otherwise obsessive (right????). haha.
He knocked on the door a half hour late. I opened it to an empty handed George. When he came in and saw all I had done for him, he felt horrible. He was going to get me flowers on his way home, but forgot since he had an important phone call and that's why he didn't call and then he saw I called so he rushed right home. So, I simply grabbed the laundry basket and had him help me at the Club House getting the laundry...I didn't say much. I reassured him. When we got back he kept saying how bad he felt and i tried not to cry...but I did. Because I got my hopes up for days...and put all the work in. He tried to reassure me and gave me a hug while I scooped some macaroni out of the pot and spilled it on my hand, burning it. I squealed and fell to the floor in tears. The macaroni did, too. So the night consisted of us hardly speaking to each other. I ate the food off the floor, poured the martineles down the drain, and went to bed after I did the dishes.
It all sounds stupid now, but when you're tired and hungry and looking forward to burns fast. Not everything always works out perfectly, but that's okay. Life wouldn't be interesting...
P.S. He made it up to me by buying me a ring in Saint Maarteen. Haha.
Gotta love love.