Friday, September 7, 2012

All You Have To Do Is Listen

It's weird, cleaning out your room. You find yourself wanting to throw things away and not being able to because you hold things with such sentimental value. Things that others might see stupid or unreasonable. Maybe one day i'll think so, too. I don't like change, but I am excited to get married to George and start the rest of our new lives together. I hold him dearer than the things in my room. I never knew how much my room held. I have to much STUFF that really isn't just stuff. It's more than that. Or maybe I'm one of those creepy hoarders...haha. Just kidding. I have this disco ball that one of my guy friends gave me at my birthday part. I think it was in JR high. haha. That wasn't a good party. I remember when everyone left I cried. haha. I also have this rock that says 'Mom Love You' on it. I remember painting rocks when my family was camping in the uintas at Butterfly Lake. Back when I looked like a boy and had a huge gap between my two front teeth. I have a million sea shells I've collected from all the places I've gone, or places others have gone and brought them back for me. A couple of art pieces from my days at school. The dried white rose from when George proposed, A stupid skateboarding sign I thought was cool that I bought a couple years ago in Oceanside CA. Scetch books galore, a picture of Jhonny Depp (who could blame me?!?!? haha), some metals, a mask from a halloween dance I went to with my friend. His dad's band was playing at it. It was a couple months before he died. A hat from a dance I choreographed for some closure from the death of my grandfather shophomore year. My first pointe shoes. Some crazy pictures. An ugly bowl I painted at Color Me Mine with some friends. A million and a half books. My tool box. My bed. My night stands. Some lamps. Clothes. Gabazillion shoes. haha. A picture of me and my BFF, Madi from 2003. BLAH BLAH BLAH. There's really no point in listing all of this off. But It's crazy how we humans get attatched to things as if they were people. I think it's because everything has a story to it. Even if it's one sentence. And sometimes they end up in the garbagecan or on another kids dresser, and sometimes they get left behind for someone to find in their new sandbox that used to be yours. Either way, it's time to let things go and make more room for the love of my life. Afterall, it's a begining, not an end. And here i come!!! Watch out... :D
Song of the day: None.
Love Always,

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