Saturday, July 21, 2012

To Live Will Be An Awefully Big Adventure

Yes, people. The day has finally arrived!
As of June 30th, I am officially engaged to the best man ever!
He's mine. Back off. :P
I seriously sometimes have to slap myself in the face (in my head) to remind myself I'm not dreaming, and I really am getting everything I want. Him. All of him. Through and through. He's the whole package + more. Who knew that even existed?! Not I, amigo's.

It's weird, though. One day you are sitting at your computer blogging about how lonely you are or how your ex just broke up with you and you want to hunt him down with a million girlfriends and a bunch of baseball bats. And then the next day you wake up and there's a ring on THAT FINGER. Yes. That one. And your like....Whaaaa?!?!??! And then you smile a smile no one's ever seen before.

I went out to swing on our swing the other day only to realize that it kinda hurts because my hips are too big for the swing. And how I'm not as hyper and active as I used to be. I constantly have to worry about keeping my love handles under control instead of eating whatever I want whenever I want. I have to worry about how much money I earn and how much I save instead of begging my parents to stop the ice cream truck and blowing cash like it grows as grass. Instead of calling your friends and asking if they can play or spontaneously planning a girls weekend trip to St. George, you have to call weeks in advance to set up a lunch date for about an hour because that's all anyone has time for. But, for some reason, the zits never go away. They follow through life with you like none other. Ugh. Stupidddddddddddd.....

Why is growing up no fun? Don't you remember the time we all used to dress up and pretend we were shopping for groceries or taking care of our baby dolls? Why did we do that to ourselves? I can wait to be grown up...I seriously can. But there's no stopping time. And there's certainly no stopping what the heart wants.

So it's time to say goodbye to bedtime stories and Peter Pan. Because it's time to grow up. Even if you don't want to.

Keep it real my friends. Keep. It. Real.

P.S. Here's my favorite person in the whole wide world!!!

 George Stewart. :) My whole entire heart belongs to that guy riiiiight there. No, not the lady in the back. Duh. The handsome one sitting next to me.

And here's a bouquet I made today. It's going to be my throw bouquet for my reception. So exciting! 
Took me 4.5 freaking hours. . . . . . .  -_- Seriously?
Love Always,

Song of the day: Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World
                    and  Fire by Jesse Thomas


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  1. Ha that part about the zits made me LOL. It's so true!! The other day pre-makeup, Coop so kindly pionted out my most recent breakout by saying, "Mommy, you have lots of red dots on your face, AND on your chin." *sigh*
    Seroiously happy for you and George! :)