Saturday, June 16, 2012

Metaphorically, Of Course

Its amazing what training wheels will do for you.
Like, seriously.
It wasn't until a few days ago I realized I wasn't using them anymore.
I was riding along and I looked back and BADABOOM....they were gone. I was riding a 2-wheeler.
It hits you pretty hard once you realize it.
Its an epiphany worth having, a conundrum worth solving.
But it's a little scary.
You don't want to fall off, but the thrill of the ride is so wonderful, so you just keep going.
Trusting gravity not to spite you.
Because you're happy.
And you're happy being happy.
And everything from before the two wheeler doesn't matter anymore.
Because you've changed and you're better.
And he's better.
And everything  is good.
And you're more than okay with that.
You're more than okay with two wheelers.

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