Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage

Sometimes I feel like a blob. Like today. I'm just a blob.
Marriage is wonderful. I love my husband. I'm happy just like Cinderella or Snow White. But marriage is hard work, people.
There are days where you . . .

1. Want to punch someone in the face (sometimes that someone is your landlord or your husband [just because you love him soooooo much]).
2. Rob a bank so you can buy groceries.
3. Sit in the hot tub and drink soda and eat fries like there's no tomorrow.
4. Kiss the day away.
5. Just sit down, just for a minute....please...
6. Throw your resume in every employers face and say "YOURE MISSING OUT, BUSTER!" and then give them a piece of your mind.
7. Cook like you are the Cake Boss or Rachel Ray, maybe even Betty Crocker or Julia Childs.
8. Walk around naked.
9. Watch movies all day and eat bags and bags of popcorn.
10. Zap your car so it's magically filled up with gas.
11. Go on a shopping spree for everything you want and nothing that you need.
13. Buy a Christmas scented candle so it smells like magic in your house when you're all alone...ALL DAY.
14. Call all your friends and family and tell them how homesick you are for them. But your phone doesn't have many minutes, so you just mope instead...or eat everything and make yourself busy by ironing the bedspread or deep cleaning things you don't need to.
15. Try to fiddle with electronics that you don't understand to see if you can surprise your husband when he gets home but have a random mental breakdown instead.
16.  Write more thank you notes.....again....and again...(couldn't I just send an email? Like, really.)
17. Vacuum the carpet again.
18. Kiss your darling and give him a biiiiig hug when he gets home.
19. Eat dinner together in total bliss, even if you're arguing, it's still bliss, people. You'll understand when you're married. I promise.
20. Cuddle and forget about everything except what matters most...being together.

And they lived happily ever after.
That's all.

Here's a few pics of my fam. my wonderful photographer took. YAY! This was the day before our wedding.

Song of the day: (my new fav. song to listen to to put me in a good mood) Champion by The Chevin.

Love Always,

P.s. Here's a few pics from the big day!!!


  1. Ah Cass. If you're lonely--call me!! Do you have only your Sprint phone, or do you still have your Verizon? I have Verizon, and you SHOULD have free mobile to mobile--no? Check into that, and CALL me, you poor lonely girl. Otherwise, if you're on Sprint, don't you get free mobile-to-mobile with anyone? What kind of crazy cell phone plan do you have? Call me! Love you. :)

  2. My Dearest Sister,
    I just got a sprint phone and cut my verizon out of the picture. It's saving us a lot of moola! But I get free mobile to mobile now, so I think we're due for a chitchat. I'll call soon. If I forget, call me. haha. But I'll try not to forget. xoxo