Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who Needs Baby Steps??? Psh.

As I was driving home last week I realized how fast time is zipping by.
George and I were caught in a rain storm so bad I thought we were going to float away . But we didn't. Ha. The last time I was in a storm like that driving North was about a year ago.....
It was my 19th birthday and I was driving all by my big girl self to Idaho to hang out with my friends Hannah and Jaimie for a couple of days. It was a bog step.It was my birthday wish. I had been wanting to visit them for a while and it was the only weekend I had. Plus no one told me about any birthday plans they wanted to make, so I decided to make my own and drive to Idaho.
It was crazy. It was pouring outside like it was the other day and I was crying my eyes out the whole way up North over a million different things at the time. (Crying? On your birthday? You may ask, but yes, I was a conflicted soul back then...). Anyhow...
At that time in my life I wasn't sure who I was or where I was going, but I new that I was headed somewhere good. I was making plans, spreading my wings, feeling new surges of being independent...and then I met my husband...haha. Which was another big step.
It's just strange to think that almost a year from now I was turning 19, my life was going a million different directions, I was going to attend the Art Institute, I was crying over 5 boys at once, I was going to cut my hair to a bob, and I was on my way to see the world. And now, here I sit, finding myself with a husband in the other room, nearing our 6 month anniversary in a week, started Dental Assisting School yesterday (something I thought I'd never do...), I have 3 church callings, and I'm balancing being what seems to be everything (but a mother) all at once.
I guess life's just one big adventure after another. And I'd like to keep it that way. :)
Peace out.
Mrs. S. III
"Life is either a daring adventure....or nothing." -Hellen Keller

P.S. George and I also went on a trip recently to Arizona so I could meet his mom's side of the fam.
My first Cactus picture EVER.
 Us being weird...
 I know I look Chinese...that was an accident....
 Out to dinner at Tia Rose's!
 Chillin...haha. We both needed some vitamin D.
Me, waiting at Tia Rose's to go and eat. I sat in a kid chair. I was surprised my hips fit...haha.Yeish.

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