Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Mayhem

It was my 20th birthday a few weeks ago. I can't believe it! I'm freaking TWENTY!!! Well, I'll tell you one thing, Lady's and Gentlemen, I sure don't feel like I'm twenty. I probably don't act like it either...and I most definitely do not look it, that's for sure!!! ha. 
I was sick on my birthday. :( I had a super bad sinus infection and wasn't feeling super awesome. That morning George and I set off to Kneaders for breakfast at which I got a free pastry and then we went to the Hogle Zoo in SLC. It was a fun time as George had never been there before and it was nice to spend some time just the two of us. It rained on us pretty hard and we weren't totally prepared for it, but we had fun nonetheless and the sun came out later anyway. 
Then George and I headed home and I opened a cute sign he got for me from Kneaders and took a nap. When I woke he was already gone, as we had the adult session of Stake conference that night (bummer :( ......) And then he tried to make dinner special but we only had 15 minutes, so we got Noodles and Co. to go and ate in the Stake Center parking lot. Afterwards we went home and fell asleep cuddling and awoke at 1130pm. George was terrorized as we were an hour late and had therefore missed the showing of the new Star Trek he had already bought tickets for. So he got frustrated and I was sick and tired so I cried...haha. A lot. And I ended up sitting on the tub at 11:55pm, crying, not knowing how to make myself stop, when George, feeling so bad for all this, went and grabbed the brownie I had gotten from Kneaders earlier that morning  and put a candle in it and sang to me, even though he was incredibly frustrated, in his goofy way that he does. That right there was my favorite part of my birthday folks...haha. 
Lady's: word to the wise....appreciate your husbands. Even if they don't do exactly what you would hope or would want, just know that all that they do is out of love and appreciation for you. Otherwise they simply wouldn't do anything. 
I honestly have the best husband in the world. He is all that I ever dreamed of and more. He is my forever. :) And I can't wait to celebrate the rest of my birthday's to come, and into Eternity. :)
Love you, Babe.
P.S. George and I officially knew each other for a year on May 21st. Hurray!! :D A year ago on Memorial Day was when we started dating...hehe
I'll post pic's later. 

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