Sunday, August 4, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New...

Lately there has been a lot of change going about here at the Stewart residence. Crazy change. Not that it's change that will blow your mind, but just because I feel like my life is CRAZY! I can't slow down for two seconds. I can't believe it's already AUGUST! Man...we gotta get out of here and do something fun before school starts....ugh.

For one, I cut my hair just above my shoulders at a long A-line. I like it, although the change was pretty drastic since I have not cut my hair that short....ever. But it feels good. I feel like I'm starting to find myself again.

Secondly...I got a job!!! Yay! I am now the Head Assistant at Dr. Robert L. Tayler's office in South Ogden (he's and Endodontist. Which is a dentist who specializes in Root Canal Therapy). It is the first job in my life that has ever challenged my intellect and skills. Which I like, but I also come home every day stressed out and want to cry because I feel like I'm doing a horrible job. But that's just because I'm a perfectionist and I can be hard on myself. I just keep reminding myself that I didn't have a lot of experience with root canals in school and that every office is different and that I am a human being....someone who is full off trial and error. Which is good. Right?

Also....George and I decided we wanted to see if we could move out of our tiny apartment. Yesterday while cleaning out our closet I got frustrated to tears because I'm sick of being in a place with no room for our stuff. I only have one closet, people. For everything. It's quite crowded...but we aren't going to be able to move. Everything is SO expensive. We only pay like, 545/mon plus utilities. Can't complain there.

Behold...the spacious closet.

So, as I was getting down on myself and complaining about all these things yesterday I had to stop and remind myself that I have more than I can even be thankful for. George and I have been so blessed. So the least I can do is muddle through it with a smile on my face. I least I have the man of my dreams muddling through it with me, right?

I guess that's the beauty of being "first married." You have crappy jobs, you have miracles happen each month and you are somehow able to pay the bills, sometimes for dinner you eat ramen....all week..., you spread out as much as possible in a tiny little apartment, and you hope for the best. Especially when it seems all odds are against you.

PLUS: I desperately need a hobby....a cheap one...any ideas???

So, today I'm grateful for apartments with AC and a fridge with food. Even if there is only ramen in my pantry. And for a husband who loves me, even when I cry over closets.

Mrs. Stewart III 

I need to blog more often. But my thoughts aren't as creative as they used to be and my life isn't all that exciting... I feel like I was a grape and now I'm a prune... I need to re-juice.


  1. I love you, too, Banana! :D

  2. The grape and the prune/re-juice thing made me LOL. You funny girl! Cheap hobby? Read! The public library has lots of books, and all for FREE. :) You'll look back on these days in some future time and talk about "remember when we lived in that crazy tiny apartment with ONE closet?!" You're just making memories, and like you said, with the man of your dreams. Glad you landed a job you like and that challenges you. At least you aren't bored, right? You'll do great at it. Just give it a little time. Seriously love your new haircut. Love you!