Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Adventure After Another

This past Tuesday George went back to school. Yes, it's that time again! Ah! *sniff* He's growing up so fast. haha. Just kidding. He is graduating this semester with his Bachelors! I am so pleased with his efforts to do well in school. I married an amazing man. :)
Last Saturday we went on a triple date up AF Canyon to Forest Lake. I had been up there before but not in a long time. I forgot how scary the trail is! It's more for jeeps...not four wheelers...
We made it up to the Lake soon enough after me screaming and cringing more than half the time. On the way down George and I got to ride in the razor. It was WAY more fun and less scary in that thing. But George sang (more liked screamed) church hymns with me at the top of our lungs to make me feel better. haha. I wish I had gotten a picture of the trail we were on! It was CRAZY!
When we got to the main road it started to POUR and I couldn't see and water was literally flowing off my face and pelting us (which was bad because I was trying to drive the thing). We had planned to have a picnic, but oh-well. haha.
We had a good time anyway!

With George in school again I told him I want to be more involved in school this year. I want to attend concerts and games and dances and activities. I mean, why not? We are young and it would be cheep because George is either free or discounted! This week there's a foam dance...hope we can go!!!

Life moves fast in this house, but it's full of fun lovin' and happy faces (most the time).
Here's some pic's of us. :) George was very gracious and let me have my fair share of driving. He couldn't go too crazy with me in it, so I let him take the thing for a spin alone. Haha. He is such a boy. I love it. :)

This was us after we were soaked. We survived!!! haha


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