Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello, Fall!!!

FALL IS HERE!!!!! Or, at least, it's coming...haha. It has been rainy and cool and I have this delicious pumpkin spice candle burning in my apartment and I'm wearing PANTS!!! AH! I can't wait. I just bought a small package of Hot Cocoa for George and I to have after dinner tonight. haha. 

All summer long I have been wanting to go on a hike. George hasn't wanted to go at all, but I finally got him to relent this past Saturday. So, we made sandwiches and away we went! :D We went up Waterfall Canyon which is so gorgeous! But apparently all my working out is for nothing because I had to stop quite a few times! Oh well...I'm trying to not let it bother me...haha. 
There was one point that I was really tired and George ushered for me to sit on this lovely looking log. So, I did bees began to swarm around my leg.....I realized what was going on and told George we needed to go. He realized, too, and started to run, but kept looking back to make sure I was okay...
Anywho...long story short....he got stung three times. And I have never seen George in pain before so I was kind of in shock from that. Luckily we were by s stream so I got him some mud and kept having to flick larvae off his leg...haha. Here's a pic of my poor man....
Haha. I told him to make a sad face. :P

When we got to the top we ate our soggy sandwiches. They were delicious but they had been about three hours by the time we ate them so it wasn't all the great. :/ haha. But I was very happy for the exercise and we made it to the car just before it started to pour. It's been a fun summer. :)

 Us at the waterfall. It wasn't going hardly because it's so late in the year. But if you could have seen the whole thing it was so beautiful! :D
It was a gorgeous view! :D

Later we went to the Roof at Temple Square to eat with Hannah and her hubby, Nate! It was so fun! (And I got to wear my new leather pants!!!) haha. It was a good day. :D
Yay for friends! 

We are sad to see summer go, but can't wait for all the fun things that fall brings, too!



  1. Nothing bears a good hike in the mountains. Hope Georgio is recovered from so many stings--ouch!

  2. Beats--not bears. No bears on hikes! ;P