Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Year with My Best Friend

It's hard to believe George and I have been married for one year and a week and a half! I feel like we were married just yesterday! I wish I could relive my wedding day at least once a year! It was the best day of my life and each day with George in my life and continued to increase my happiness. 

Everyone says that the first year is hard. Some say it's the hardest. I don't think it was the hardest, I think it could get a lot harder, but it definitely wasn't easy. It was full of learning and periods of growth in each of us. We have been discovering how to grow together and how to continue having a fun and free-flowing relationship rather than getting caught up in real life and forgetting to nourish and love one another.

I am a lucky woman. George is the best husband ever (no offense to anyone else..). He is amazing and my love for him continues to grow day by day. I have changed so much since I met him, and especially since we have been married. He has too. I even have him in slowly forming habit of picking up his dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper! haha. 

About a week before my anniversary my mom asked me what I thought the most important thing is that I've learned since being married to George. It didn't take me long to answer because this lesson was well learned a few weeks ago through and epiphany I had while driving home from work. I told her that I have learned that George should always be my top priority in life. I am a very task oriented type of person. I always have a list and like to have it done each day. I have found myself throughout the last year letting my list get in the way of my marriage. Sometimes I would walk in the door from work, change out of my scrubs, and get right to work, without giving George a hug or kiss, or even asking how his day was. 

If you see this from my point of view it was because that I knew if I sat down for even five minutes I would immediately want to relax and play and get nothing done. I wanted to feel like I had the rest of the day to be with George so I was getting everything done so I could have free time. I had the right motivation, but I wasn't going about it the right way. 

Now I know that George is my top priority above everything; friends, other family members, books, dishes, laundry, work, my own struggles, and even sometimes church. He does well at putting me at the top of his priorities list.No complaints there. :)

This year has been the craziest and funnest year of my life. I've enjoyed vacations, struggles, going through school, making hard decisions, laughing, crying, and going absolutely insane with George. He is absolutely my favorite person in this whole world. He is the purpose behind my smile, the beat to my heart, and the best friend I've ever had. 

George surprised me and took me up to our Honeymoon spot for our anniversary. It was a blast! George got me my favorite -- White Roses. We went up to Park City and stayed in the Park City Hotel with a hot tub on our balcony!! Yahoo!! We went on the Alpine slide and shopped, and at out at the Purple Sage, and just enjoyed being with each other and reconnecting and reminiscing about our wedding and our honeymoon. When we got home we pulled our cake top out of our freezer and had a cake fight! YUM! haha. Fun times. :) It was a rather refreshing and fun weekend! I'm so spoiled. :)

Happy (late) One Year Anniversary, George! :D

Song of the month: I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz


  1. Love it! You two are wonderful! Happy (belated) anniversary, Cassa! :)

  2. Love seeing how you've both grown and changed in the last year. So much has happened! Glad you're so happy.