Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Love is a strange thing.
It makes people crazy, it makes people want to barf,it brings out the worst in someone, and it may even make you stop wanting to read my post just by reading the heading. But it also brings out the best in others. And it can provide strength and hope when nothing else can, let's admit it, everyone is a sucker for it.
Even you.
Then why is it so complicated?
Because we make it that way. We humans are complicated creatures. Need we admit it or not, it will always be true. Simple minded sometimes, but deep down always complicated to some degree.
Love something not always handled with the best of ones ability. I think it should come wrapped in a sparkly box with instructions and a warning label on it. But, of course, each label would differ in accordance with the relationship.
I think that maybe at one point in my life it would have said, "WARNING: Run while you still can or face the consequences." To some it may have said, "WARNING: Might possibly last forever. Open now and never turn back." But now for me it would say, "WARNING: Handle with care. Expect everything and give everything. Once given you can't take it back."
Which is just fine with me because I'm perfectly happy where I'm at. Luckily. When my love box came in it's sparkly package. That package was delivered by George. And George is easy to love. Lovable, you might say.
Although love is a complicated thing and leaves the whispers of the past ever haunting after you and your hopeful future, it is always the one thing in this earth that keeps you grounded when you feel like you want to fly off and become a wistful bird with no responsibility, and only the clear blue sky ahead to accompany you in your flight.
And maybe not everyone gets to fly before they find it and maybe not everyone gets to find it before they fly. But I found mine first. And now I am going to fly. Where to? I am not quite sure yet.
Sure, maybe I'm only so young. I have my "whole life still ahead of me" as my co-workers would say. And you know what, maybe they're right.
Life isn't always about working and making dinner, cleaning the house, sleeping, and repeat. It's about much more than that. But for now, I have George and our love to keep me grounded. Eventually, when I'm ready, I'll take flight. I'm lucky I have someone to help me realize when the right time will be.
But for now. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. And that's the life. And maybe there isn't much to complain about.
Because I have love.
And even though it is sometimes fragile, or complicated, or always reminding me of things, it's always there.
And that's what keeps me grounded.
Strange, sure. But true...Always.

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