Monday, July 14, 2014

July 4th

I found this year that I enjoyed the fourth much more than usual. I am realizing that I am a traditionalist. I am all about the heat and large crowds watching a bunch of people wave as they march or "float" by just to get a kick out of it. I love how everyone wears those cheesy grandpa shirts with the American Flag on them and how hicks look more hick-ish in their painted American Flag short shorts and Muscle shirts with some clever wordage on the front about the second amendment (I'm totally respectively being stereotypical here. To each their own.)
The best part of the whole day is at the end...when everyone is dead beat from all the heat and delicious eats and you spread out a blanket and stare into the smokey sky and watch a bunch of spontaneous combustion debut. 
This year I felt a tremendous appreciation for our founding fathers and the "original" Americans who fought for their freedom so we can practice religion and protect our families. It is a wonderful thing. Our founding father's weren't perfect, but hey, who is? (besides Jesus, of course.) But they created something amazing and I believe we should hold to the truths and the freedoms they founded. It's a harsh world, full of harsh people. I'm just glad that we still have at least one day a year that (is supposed to) remind us who we are, what this country used to stand for, and where we came from. Be proud to wear the red, white and blue. Because, in different ways, but true none the less, the flag was forged through smokey skies of spontaneous combustion and sweaty crowds of people (not a parade, no, but a war). Thank goodness my ancestors cared enough about me to fight for what was right.
Some of my favorite things about July...
The Air Show. It was great to be there with my Grandparents. My grandpa worked on planes at Hill.
Fresh raspberries in my parent's back yard.
Volleyball with the fam. (Too bad we couldn't get everyone up and playing this year.)
My parent's back yard. It's gorgeous and I miss my summer days out there. The ditch was running on the fourth and the kids got to play in it. 
And to finish the day off, an amazing sunset. 
Summer nights. Need I say more?


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