Sunday, August 3, 2014


Last night was one of the most life-changing experiences. I have this thing called a Bucket List. And all of my most precious dreams are on it. Okay, well, not all of them  because some of them are impossible and wouldn't come true lest I otherwise go back and change my past, which I can't....sooo....anyway. 
I have wanted to see the Broadway Musical "Wicked" since I was about seven years old. I have had all the songs memorized for years. I used the songs for try-outs and recitals. Sounds obsessive, I know. But seriously. 
I have been begging George to go with me since I've known it would be in SLC. I caved on Thursday and called the theater and got tickets. I decided sometimes you may not have the money right that second, but life experiences are sometimes worth it. You sometimes need to take a leap, bask in your dreams, and figure it out later. The entire time my heart was beating so fast and I was totally sucked in the show. George tried to hand my water and treats during it, but I was in a daze. So incredibly happy to be there. The entire time I kept thinking "I can't believe I'm here!!!" It was all over waaaay too fast. 
And can I just say how glad I am that we followed through? I will go again someday. It was so amazing. I always wanted to be in musical theater and it made me wish I had taken the chance long ago when I had it. But I was too shy and I didn't have enough self confidence. So now I will belt in my shower and act in front of my mirror like a weirdie and enjoy my life to the fullest, sitting in my box seats, pretending to be a part of what's in front of me. 
I'm happy to say that these songs will be stuck in my head for the next couple weeks. And that I will be dreaming of this for a while. 
George thought it was "Just OK" and that it was "Geared towards girls." What does he know anyway? I know plenty of men that loved it. And considering he is the type of  guy that likes that kind of thing I was rather surprised. But oh well. Not every man is the like. 
It reminded me how important it is that we stay true to ourselves, despite what others may think of us or what we think we may want in life. And a many other things. . . but we will leave that for later. 

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  1. How fun!!! You look beautiful! So glad you got to fulfill a bucket list item :)