Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Every Little Bit Counts

Okay so we all know I'm a girl with way too many clothes in my closet. I have given away countless garbage bags to the DI and to random people in my life. It has come for the time to once again clean out my closet. I don't have much to throw out but I have some. 
Soooo....I have finally decided to clean out my lovely closet once again. 
I am so sick of handing my clothes in to places like Platoe's Closet, etc. because you don't get your fair share of the worth of the clothes. I always feel ripped off.
There is a site called Threadflip. It is a second hand consignment website. You get 80% of what you sell. I have joined in hopes of making a little extra dough. We will see how it goes. But I wanted anyone to know about it who wants to. I'm interested to see if this works. If you want to follow me on there my name is CassaD. That's all.
But you know me . . . anything with clothes in the subject calls my name . . . .

In and Out xoxoa

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