Thursday, January 22, 2015

Road Trip

Well, folks, we've been here two weeks and we're not dead yet. Okay, considering recent events that may not have been entirely hilarious. I apologize. Getting here was, well, long. I don't think I could have picked a better word. My wonderful parents took their time and energy to help us move out yonder and we have so appreciated it. But oh my heavens, I'm never doing that again. Granted, it was fun to see places I've never seen before such as Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, ya know. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to drive on I10, since George and I are far south enough. This way we were able to skip all the storms. We had some silly things happen along the way. Obviously, or it wouldn't be a road trip. Road trip 101 as from the perspective of Cassady having undergone a 35 hour trip: 1. If you know how far you're driving that day, book your hotel so you don't get the last SMOKING rooms at the Super 8. You WILL DIE. And if you don't, figure it out or heaven help you. 2. Bring M&M's. Always bring M&M's. And if you think you have enough . . . buy more. 3. Get your car heater fixed. It doesn't matter how far south you think you're going. You will have a historical storm come through that will make everything feel like an icebox. Including the inside of your car. 4. Beware of southern drivers. 5. Texas smells . . . and is HUGE and FLAT. 6. Louisiana smells. 7. Georgia . . . smells. Okay, okay. So it wasn't all that bad. After spending the night trying to sleep in an uncleaned (Seriously. Hair all over the tub, floor hadn't been vacuumed.) smoking room. Which, to some people isn't all that bad. And I tried to be grateful for having a bed to sleep in in a warm building, but my gratitude was tested. And I'll admit, it was good for me. Anyway . . . After that sleepless night and driving for what seemed like was forever but was really only half way, we nestled in to this wonderful hotel and a wonderful Mexican restaurant (best Mexican food I've ever had, people.) and played card games and took a little break. I then counted my blessings. Moving here wasn't easy. And it hasn't been easy since we got here, either. But life isn't easy. It never has been. But we have what we need. We are happy. And I got my M&M's. Life is good. Even when you get into a car wreck and have to go to the bathroom but can't because your strapped to a stretcher and you think you're going to die and you can't decide which is worse, the pain in your head, or having to hold it for a half hour without being able to cross your legs but because of the car accident your car is totaled and you miss your movie and can't touch your head for a week and it hurts to move and sit and lay down and stand and then you get home from the hospital at two in the morning only to realize the tow truck took your keys and your car whilst you and your husband were trying to figure out if you should go to the hospital and you're locked out and you're really P.O.'d and all you do is cry because you just moved so far from everything familiar and then you realize it's okay because you're alive and breathing and have a home to go to, even if you are locked out until the ER key guy gets there . . . (Deep breath.) Yes, folks, even then . . . life is good. Anyway. We are loving Georgia so far. The people are nice. The trees are nice. The apartment is nice. And although the smell might not be so nice. For now, it's our home. Our wonderful, swampy, green home.

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