Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunshine on A Cloudy Day

I am so blessed.
We are so blessed. My little family. You know, the dog and us two.
I sat down to blog a couple of days ago and was unable to finish because some things popped up.
Boy am I glad.
It wasn't a negative post, but I was definitely not in my best spirits.
Since we moved out here, George and I have been through a lot. Our trials are not as heavy as others, but they are large for us. And although it is not to say that our little southern life is perfect, We are finally getting a handle on things. We've made it through this storm, now we are ready to power up for the next.
Life is on a constant cycle. Happiness - Trial - Calm - Happiness - and so forth. The thing is it's like that for everybody. The difference between us is how we handle our trials; who we rely on. That is what makes all the difference.
So, on this sunny Sabbath day, I am going to take the time to count my blessings. Because it's not the trial that matters, it's what you learned and what you do with that knowledge.
And today I am going to take that knowledge and basque in the sunshine.

I failed to blog about George's birthday. He is 25! What?! haha. A quarter of a century. Despite my efforts, I ended up with food poisoning. All night. Not pretty. He took good care of me and ran to walmart at three in the morning for some sickie-food. I surprised him with a homemade ice cream cake later to make up for it. I have the best husband. Excuse his tired eyes in this picture. We obviously didn't get much sleep.

I also . . . drum roll please . . . have a job!!! YAY! Pediatrics Dental Assistant! It will be an adventure. But for some reason it seems I never got my HBV shot, so I had to drive myself to the Health Department and get it all by my lonesome. I was so brave. (BTW: terrified of needles.)

We haven't gotten out and really looked around our new home much because we haven't had time. Or is hasn't been warm. So we've had lots of time indoors. Luckily we've made friends so we haven't gone crazy or gotten very lonely. Thankfully we also have this cutie to keep us company . . .

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  1. Love you Cass! So happy you found a job! I miss you to pieces!!!