Monday, May 4, 2015

School is for Smarties

Masters school is HARD! Oh my. I say that and I'm not even the one enrolled in classes.
Despite our busy schedules, George and I have been able to get out and about a little bit more than I thought we would. But everything is so expensive!!! Hello world, when did you become full of price tags?
George is so busy. Most nights he either comes home about the time I'm heading to bed (if I'm not already), or he is staying up late trying to get things done. But he's done well! And after this week his first semester of Masters School will be complete!
So. We finally got a kennel for Capri. One fine Sunday we came home from church and she had bit the the toilet water pipe. Darn it! George called our wonderful and handy friend, Jared, to come fix it for us. Luckily the flooding wasn't too bad so we were able to soak it up with some towels. Need I say that we were panicking? No. I dare say I don't. We are so lucky it didn't flood more or we'd probably be paying for new carpet and water damage.
The next day we came home to this . . . it was all over the bathroom floor too. Along with some other stuff . . .

So that's when George finally caved and we got Capri her own little box of space. Let me just say how wonderful it is. There is much less mess when I come home from work and she is more calm. PLUS I don't have the constant urge to buy a spy camera so I can tap in and watch her while I'm away. There were so many days I was afraid she would eat something valuable. And there were so many days she did . . .
But we don't speak of those days.
Anyway. It's finals right now for George so about a week ago he took me out to breakfast downtown on Saturday. That morning was all the time he had to spend with me since his schooling has kind of taken over his life. Anyway, it was wonderful! We ate at Goose Feathers. It is a fun little cafe in the heart of old Savannah. The food was SO GOOD. We had a good time. There are so many hidden treasures downtown, I can't wait to find them all!
This is us . . . AWE.

We also went downtown with our lovely friends, Shannon and Paul, a couple of weeks ago and we had lunch at Vinnie Van Go Go's. It's a super fun outdoor pizza place. Everyone here is crazy about it. Probably because the slices of pizza are bigger than your face.

The smaller slices are the regular size.

We also drove down the charming Jones Street. But we were unable to get out and walk around due to time constraints. I am dying to get myself and my camera down there and do some serious documenting.

Ignore the lady and her dog. 

Also the sunsets - when your in the clear form the trees - have been so beautiful!

George actually asked to have his picture taken. I obviously obliged happily. He NEVER likes his picture taken. So even though you can't see his face. It's the reasoning that makes this picture wonderful. 
Capri is begging for my attention. Kids . . . :P
Have a marvelous Monday.

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