Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! What a lovely day indeed. I have been blessed with two wonderful women in my life who are amazing examples to me - My mother, and my mother-in-law. Last night George and I were talking about what kind of relationships we have with our mothers. George was saying that I probably looked at his mother as more of a friend. I agreed, but I have to admit I look at my mother the same way! All they are is our best friend. The ones who never fail us, the ones who always stick by us. Or at least, they should. And if you haven't had that kind of mother in your life, I hope there is some woman in your life who mirrors these qualities.
I have been blessed to have shared many laughs, cries, and lots of chocolate with these women. I am glad to call them confidant, advocate, friend, and mother. I hope to one day be as amazing as they are.
I found this jem today. Thought it was worth sharing. It's no wonder I grew up to love red and polka dots. Can I also just say my mother is totally rocking those bangs? Oh, the 90's!

In other news . . . George has officially finished his first semester of Masters School! High five, everyone. YES. This past weekend was a dream because I finally had my husbands full attention. Since we found out we were moving, I have been dying to get out on the town. We went out Friday night with some friends downtown Savannah. It was everything I hoped. We walked along River Street and danced to the music of an acoustic guitarist, we finally got to try the famous Leopold's Ice Cream, and we got to eat at Sweet Melissa's. I'm not supposed to eat ice cream, but I made an exception. It was delightful. So much so I took pictures (honestly, though, are you surprised?).


and kisses. :P

Also a few weeks ago we went down "Alligator Alley." Its a part of the National Wildlife Refuge where there are TONS of alligators. It's pretty awesome.

Just chillin. Or warmin. HA! Okay, that wasn't funny, you're right . . .

Welcome to the swamp, kids.

This guy was HUGE. Probably about 20 ft. or so.

I can't get over all this Spanish Moss. It's so . . . charming?


There was a day a few weeks ago we went to Hilton Head beach. We looooove Hilton Head. Capri likes to eat the waves, which ends up in her getting sick, but she's learning to swim, and I'm slowly getting farther and farther out into the water. It's scary to me because we have a Great White migration that comes through, Jellyfish and Stingrays. The water also looks gross, but, the beach is the beach! It's lovely anyway.

Capri was just too cute. We had to take a golf cart from the parking lot. She enjoyed the ride.

Proof we were there too. 

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my fellow ladies out there.

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