Monday, March 12, 2012

It is always interesting when you feel an emotion to such an extreme that there are no words to say.
This, my dear friends, has been me, for the past week and a day.
What is it about us that makes it so easy to feel so many emotions at once?
What is it that activates that drive to feel things and look for meaning in every little detail.
Is it because the emotional side of the human race is dying out? No.
It is not dying, although sometimes it may feel like that.
It seems, though, that emotions always catch up with you.
It doesn't matter how hard you try to bury them under a rock.
They ALWAYS catch up to you. Always.
The past does, too. And so does the future.
Heck, sometimes I feel like even the present gets the best of me.
What is it about us that you hold on to things that you no longer have?
What is the point of keeping that small box of things in the closet?
What is the point of putting pen to paper when there's no guarantee? 
People. Memories. Feelings. Places. A teddy bear, even.
Why is it that the things you wish you could let go of always seems to stick around somehow.
What is the point.
It's times like these I have to put myself in an upright position and walk with the knowledge that God directs me. He will help me figure it all out in the end.
All of it.

Song of the day: Pictures of You by The Cure

Love Always,
Cass <3

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