Thursday, February 27, 2014

To All the Wonderful Ladies in My Life

So, I have these eight sisters (a few are in-laws), a mother-in-law, and a mother. I'm not bragging, but I do have to say that they're pretty amazing. Each of them has impacted my life in so many ways. I am so grateful to have them in my life. Some sisters are older than me so it makes it easier for me to go along the path of life, watching them do the things that I might someday do. The others give me an opportunity to be that big sister that I never was. They all have been great examples to me throughout my life and I am so grateful to have mothers and sisters who I can look up to. I mean, no body's perfect, but I am glad to know these eight beautiful women to look up to. They are all amazing mothers, supportive wives, enthusiastic sisters, and enduring women who look to God when life is tough, and even when it's not. I am so lucky to have so much love and laughter in my life.

Me Momma. :D No one could ever replace her. I love her so much.

Me sistas (and my niece who is equally as amazing.)

Might I add they're wonderful dancers? hehe

My Mother in law and my sisters-in-law. :D
LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH! I can say I am truly blessed.
A woman who was an "adopted grandma" to us while we lived in Boston passed away last November. We just found out today and I am happy to say I do have quite a few memories of her (which is awesome since I was only 4). But she was a neat lady. My awesome Beanie Baby collection is all because of her. She used to give us one when we were good. :D I wish I had kept in touch with her. She was born in Germany and then moved to Boston and my mom and her continued to write and send cards until she moved and probably got too old. But she kept all their letters and cards and that's how the kids knew to mail my mom and let her know what happened. Such a sweet story!! Her name was Sally. And she was another amazing woman in my life. There should be more Sally's in the world. :D
Now...time to eat a popsicle....I've been wanting one all day!

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  1. You are just as amazing! No one could replace you :-) Love you more every day.