Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Last Saturday was George's 24th birthday! Holy cow, he's getting old! Haha. Just kidding. It seems like only yesterday he was 22 and we just met. And now he's all established and getting more grown up by the day.
I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to marry this man. He is so amazing in so many ways and treats me like any wife should imagine to be treated by the love of her life.
I should have taken more pictures. I could slap myself I'm so mad about it, but George always rolls his eyes (but smiles anyway) when I pull out the camera and yell "Document!!!"
 We started celebrating on Friday. I took him out to Buffalo Wild Wings, which I have never been to, and we had a wonderful time! Our friends, the Astles, tagged along and it was a blast! At one point Ghost Busters was on the radio and Emma and I both yelled (yes, we yelled in a restaurant) "Ghost Busters!" at the appropriate time. I was suddenly a little embarrassed and worried we were going to get kicked out and that George's birthday dinner would be an epic fail, when a waiter replied by yelling "That's Right!!" haha. We had a good time. :D

Saturday he awoke to French Toast which I happily made him before he went to class. I proceeded to blow up balloons (I'm allergic to latex so my lips were numb and tingly as you can imagine) and hang streamers. He ended up appreciating that. :D
George's parents came up from our hometown and took us out to ABC Mandarin for dinner (yummy Chinese place). We had a grand time and we got to sing to George (he was embarrassed). After we went out to a dinner by his Uncles' company and then went to the Weber State Basketball game which ended up being SO MUCH FUN! We went into overtime and I think George was so happy to see that I was actually paying attention and yelling. haha. 
All in all, it was a good day. I was glad to see George so happy. He was all smiles all day. 
I wrote him a poem which I wanted to post...maybe later. I don't have it with me...
Happy Birthday to the best man ever! Love you so much!


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