Friday, March 14, 2014


This week we have been at the Dental Convention in SLC. There was this seminar by this lady about attitudes and the workplace. I was so impressed by her and what she had to say. She said "I wasn't born happy. I was born the same as you. I make the choice every day to be happy." Did you know that your emotional response to a situation lasts a total of SEVENTEEN seconds? Everything you feel after that is a repetition of what you felt in the period of time.
I got in a car accident this week .... It was horrible. I had the worst day and I probably complained more than I should have but I've tried to look on the bright side of things. I was grateful that even though I was late for work I still got a full 8.5 hours in. I was grateful for a mom who cheers me up over the phone. I am grateful for my father-in-law who came up from work to go over to the car place and help George look for a good price and buy us dinner. I was grateful for a husband who didn't complain once and helped console me and help to have a good attitude. It wasn't easy but I've been trying to do this all week ever since. Although I can tell you when the accident happened I bawled for more. Than 17 seconds... Haha
Every time we get upset we need to name three things we are grateful for. One girl said she was grateful for a wonderful husband but that sometimes he drives her crazy. So the presenter said "when that happens think about how much you love him." So true!!!! When something's going wrong, turn it into a positive!
"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want." Abraham Hicks.
It's all about the psychology of it! I agree your attitude is important in the workplace. But it's also important at home and in school or wherever we are.
I'm going to try to be happier in life. There's always room for more happiness!

The reality  about "tada!!!"
When is he last time you stood up and  said that? When you run across the finish line your hands go up and the body recognizes that that's a moment of celebration and you feel good. It is a moment of congratulating yourself. Try this when you're stressed.  It helps your performance. She shared research on this actually but it's too long to share....

When you make a mistake , learn from it and move on! Don't dwell on it and go on a
Try it.
I dare you.


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