Thursday, December 29, 2011

Courage: The Quality of Mind or Spirit

There are many different kinds of courage. And I believe in all of them. I believe that every kind of courage exists in every single person. We have examples of courage from the beginning of history....and maybe from even before that, too. I am not talking about all those "superheros" or all those glorified "I saved this persons life!" here,  people. I am talking about the quiet acts of faith and honesty that press on without notice or pats on the back, but always, even sometimes in the long run, just rewards of personalization. I believe courage is never selfish. It is always good. It is not bravery, but it is fear. It is fear that said its prayers, fear that isn't too scared to climb the mountain in the dark or in the snow without a coat. It is never easy to be courageous - no matter how small the situation may seem. There have been many times in my life when I have been a coward. Afraid to say what I really felt or what I really thought because I was afraid of hurting the person next to me, even if they had already hurt me. Courage comes in all types of colors, even in a mix, depending on the person. It is something we know all too well in movies and never in ourselves. What we don't realize is that we are braver than we think. Because courage isn't always fighting dragons or saving a soldier on enemy lines. Courage is risking your heart for someone, or dressing the way you want, despite what others might think. It is going to an audition or bringing new life into the world. It is when you make that New Years resolution without promise of fulfilling it. It's going off to college on your own or letting someone go and realizing you're just better off alone for now. It is apologizing first or giving up that last piece of cake for someone else. It is giving a child a green bean rather than an M&M, knowing that tantrum is bound to hit at any given moment. It is something humbly worn and never associated with glory. It is quiet, defined, sophisticated, and mobile, forever eternal in every heart - even if it's deep, deeeeeeep down.
It is something I know I will find someday, in my own little way. It is something I know I have.
And so do you.

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  1. this is good (: you are brave. just by writing this shows that. don't stop believing in yourself and maybe call me sometime? (;