Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dance: My Life In A Nut Shell (so far...)

You know those nights when you have so much running through your mind that you toss and turn and can not sleep but your eyes are red from lack of sleep because your mind is running so fast? (wow, talk about run-on sentence...) Well, this is one of those nights where I know if I even try going to bed without getting at least some of my thoughts out, I will end up sleepless and more tired than I already am.
Bad news time...
Today was my last day performing at a football game ever in my life.
It was really cool since it was at the REAL stadium in Sandy, but it was also sad.
My career as a dancer is fastly coming to a close.
That's right. Dance is my life, I know, but I have to let it go.
Dance will always be my favorite thing in the entire world.
Last night I went to the American Fork High School Dance Co. concert. It made me miss being on stage. I don't know how to explain it, but there is something about being on stage with all the make-up and all the lights, performing in a costume and stretching to new heights. Even if there are no people in the seats before you, it still makes up for an incredible moment.
I was stretching in my living room today with the Christmas tree up and all. I totally had a flash back...
When I was younger, my sister, Chrystal, sent me this tu'tu' for my birthday when she lived back east. It made me look like a princess and it was my favorite thing in the whole entire world. It had pink and white tool on the bottom and a white leotard sewn in underneath with white sequence running up and down the front.
I remember one Christmas season I was dancing in that tu'tu' in the living room to the Nutcracker (You see, it has been my life long dream to be in the Nutcracker Ballet as the Sugar Plumb Fairy....*sniff*) My dad walked in and stood there for a moment, watching me. I turned and saw him and sat on the ground, embarrassed. haha. I giggled and he said something. Then I started dancing again. :) It was snowing outside, too. That night I remember I watched the Nutcracker Ballet on VHS.
So, since I had that flash back and seeing the Dance Company made me miss performing on a stage and dancing the way I feel like dancing, I decided to do just that. I turned on my good music and did whatever came to me. It felt amazing. I have not done that in so long. 1. I am too self conscious and 2. I have no where to dance....
I felt like a whole new person. In fact, I felt just that, whole, for the first time in a very long time. It made me happy. Purely happy.
So, here is this one thing that makes me purely happy and I am being forced by my stupid body to give it up.
I remember when I was put into dance at first. I was three and I did not want to go at all. haha....who knew?
It has been fun Mr. Dance.  Thanks for the ride. I had the time of my life. :)

Here are the Ariel pictures I promised so many of you...

Me doing the Flying Squirrel

Me doing the Mermaid.

Me doing the splits in arabesque.

Same as above...

Me doing the Right Leg Roll Around.

Same as above...

More Flying Squirrel...haha

Me getting stuck back flipping out of the wonderful...

My personal favorite: Cross Back Straddles.

Same as above....hehe

Me sort of posing while I'm getting into the Cross Back Straddles...

Me after I did like ten climbs...I'm a lot higher than I look.
I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures to turn....I apologize for any inconvenience...

DANCE.....the part of the soul that no one else knows about...sometimes not even yourself.

I'll miss you old friend

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  1. Dearest Cassady,
    I was here today, reading this blog about dance. I too will miss watching you perform. BUT, a new "performance" has come into your spectrum. Photography! You will be "performing" in a way, and your performances will always be caught on film. How exciting for you to venture into yet another avenue of your many talents. Most of us go through life with one or two loves, most of us go through life just fulfilling small dreams that make us happy. But you my darling daughter, YOU HAVE SO MANY TALENTS! awh.... why were you blessed with so many different talents? That will be your question when you "go home". My question will be about dejavu and yours will be "what was that all about, my ability to conquer so many different avenues in life, talents, and enjoy every last one of them.". You have "come home" with yourself a few times, and you have "moved on" a few times, for various reasons, and yet, you always seem to be so excited about the "next adventure". I have watched you play sports, dance, write amazing stories, sing, paint, draw, create physically and mentally, and Good luck in this new adventure. I know you will make a difference in this new world you are entering. Enjoy it! Embrace it! I'm so happy for you.
    Remember and never forget, you are loved :D
    Love always and forever,