Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ode to Sisterhood

I honestly have so much more to do than sit here and blog, like going to the gym. But I decided to read mom's and just coulnd't resist.
I have been thinking a lot about my sister, Chelsey. Of course all of my sisters and brothers are loved the exact same by me with never ending love and wishes of happiness for their future. But there is a fresh new family memeber coming and I can't resist but welcome him in and say what feels like goodbye, but I know really is not, to my wonderful sister.

Chelsey and I are only two years apart. We have had many things in common over the years up until she started junior high. Then we went our seperate ways like sisters do until we come to a crossroads again at some point later in life. We were the typical sisters . . . always fighting and crying and screaming at each other for not asking to borrow clothes, or whos turn it was to clean the bathroom, or how we were sick of sharing a bathroom, blah blah BLAH! Not all sisters fight as ferociously as we did, but we always had the best way of making it up to each other.

I remember one time I was really onary. I was mad at her for some reason. She put her fists up and pretended to punch me and said, "Common, Brotha!" haha... oh man. Every time I think of that it makes me laugh. Even now when I am mad at her she can say that simple phrase and I'm all smiles again.

I remember how Camyll, Chelsey and I used to dance in the living room in the poodle skirts. So much fun. :)

We used to listen to the Beach Boys or Frank Sanatra on Sundays and play Phase Ten or California Speed, or Uno. Sometimes even Crazy Eights or B.S. ^^

I remember I got so mad at Chelsey at one time (a VERY long time ago) that I kicked a hole in my door. Not my best moment, but I still love her just as much, though the door may not love me...oh well.

Chelsey and I used to always stay up late on the weekends when she was still in high school and watch movies until we fell asleep.

I remember when Chelsey and I took piano lessons. I would watch her play and wish I could be just as good as her and Chrystal. Sometimes I even danced in the living room while she played. haha. I was such a silly kid....oh my.

I remember when all of us sisters used to stay up late and play Phase Ten into the morning hours and I would usually be the first to fall asleep. One time we even came up with silly nick-names for each other....oh what a night.

And now they are all married and Chelsey is getting married in only a couple months. I have to admit, I felt sort of left in the dust at first. Although I am happy with my life and where I'm at, I don't know how to talk about marraige or kids. At first I thought about how we will have nothing to talk about, nothing in common until later in my life when I finally catch up to them all as they are phasing into new parts of their lives. But sisterhood is not a relay race or a passing through of people in my life. It is something that stayed a part of you.
I know they'll always love me.
No matter what color I dye my hair or what boy I choose to date.
No matter how fat I get or how weird of an Ephraim accent I aquire.
No matter anything. They'll always be my sisters.
And that's good enough for me.
My beautiful sister and her Fiance.

My beautiful sister and her family.
My other beautiful sister and her darling boy. (I could not find one of her family on my computer.)


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