Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This week has been an ongoing drag of my long Sunday. And it's only Tuesday...ugh. But, I've had a lot of good news things happen to me in the last two days...
1. I am officially done with physical therapy! Hurrah! I can do all I want now. It still hurts sometimes though. But only about a 2 or 3 out of 10. So I'll just keep icing it and taping it and wrapping it and hope it doesn't rebound. But on the positive note, I'm sure it will keep just getting better. Right?
2. It was warmish today. The sun was out which made it seem warmer, when it really wasn't. But at least it wasn't cloudy! I even opened my blindes to let the light shine in. Didn't even need to turn the light on. :)
3. I've had good meals so far. I've been doing good on my Eat Pray Love mission. The yoga hasn't started yet but I have been trying to take a few moments every day and close my eyes and clear my head. It's been helping me find my balance. Thank goodness. :)
4. I got an unexpected email from a very good friend whom I sort of lost touch with for a while. It was very good to hear from her. :)
5. My friend's sister is getting married this Friday. She took her bridals for her. I decided I could help her out and edit them, so I did. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the process. They said they loved them which made me so happy. :) Here are a few I edited...

6. We got our 3 month schedule for Drill Team and I get the entire week of Thanksgiving off. YAY! This means I get to sleep in for a little bit. How wonderful! :)
7. I achieved a few stunts in Areal today that I have not been able to. I have been struggling with my strength and flexibility. I may not look this amazing, but here are a few of examples as to what I achieved today...
Vertical Spits: I have been struggling with this move for 2-3 weeks now. You hold on with your arms and then bring your leg up to wrap around the fabric. It's all abs and arms. I did it on the first try today. It made me SO HAPPY!!!!

Arrow: This is what you slide down to after vertical splits. It's kind of scary and you don't hold on to anything until after you're all the way down. But it's super fun once you get there.

Flying Squirrel or Half Monty: There are a series of moves you do to get into this position but this is the main point. It is very scary and if you do it at the slightest wrong angle you will fall to your doom. So, I have not had the guts to try it up more than two or three climbs. It's too scary to do from so high. I'm just happy to say "I can do that....he he!"

Anyway...although my spirits might not have been so high and happy today, it was still a good day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be better...

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