Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6,000,527,972 Tissues Later

So, I'm not trying to feel sorry for myself or anything, I just have 1500 words due tomorrow and I currently have 0 consecutive words so far. So, I'm in a dilemma and I have a horrible COLD!!! C: crappy O: obvious
L: lung deficiency D: death.
It's only Wednesday and I've pretty much been having an out-of-body experience, literally. My body has been in one spot and my mind has been floating off in the distance around it. This is a problem considering that I have a test every freaking day this week and I have Dance company  (where spinning causes my body to split in half and odd sensations to creep up on me out of nowhere). Wednesday's almost over and tomorrow will be Thursday, then it's Friday . . . . . . Drum roll, please . . . . SPRING BREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!
I am so excited. Maybe, if God provides a miracle, I'll get caught up on my sleep (if I don't wake up at 3am and lay there for a few hours for once). Drug induced insomnia is impossible, meaning: an insomnia impossible to do anything about. I've had it since my sophomore year (except last night I took Tylenol and I slept all night like a baby. Which, I don't understand why we use that term because babies don't generally sleep very well.
BREAKING NEWS: There seems to be an anonymous disturbance coming from my book case. A mysterious cracking noise that my parents and I can not figure out. Only further investigation will tell. Back to you . . .
I don't know what I plan to do about this cold other than going to the doctor and preventing me from getting pneumonia. I've tried all the medications in the book all the other times and none of them seem to work, except praying, but my nose runs like a faucet and my throat itches like a mosquito bite. I feel like I'm in a tank top and hot shorts laying on the beach in Antarctica, freezing my cahoot off, except I'm in layer after layer after layer in my bed, under three blankets, with my teddy bear (and that's another story . . .), sniffing away, not knowing which way is up because, remember, my brain is across the room at the moment, pathetically coughing (literally, I have, like, princess coughs. I sound like freaking snow white coughing attractively to get attention from her prince (who doesn't exist at this moment so I don't know why I'd be coughing like that in the first place.)), breathing as much as I can. Oh, wait! It's not called breathing, it's called lack of oxygen. That's probably what's cutting off my brain signals. My lungs are calling out "Air! Please! Air for the poor! *cough* *sniff* *gasp* . . . . . *ACHOO!* O_O Maybe I'll survive to see another sunrise. Just maybe, but, if I don't, I just want to let you all know that Tweedy Bird slippers are surprisingly comfortable. EAT IT! Well, time to meet my friends, let's hope I don't kill them with the plague.

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