Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I can't figure out what to write about. I've been sitting here for the last 45 minutes trying to figure it out. I glanced over and saw my shoes in my closet. Vwala! It begins . . .
So, I was counting, and I have over forty pairs of shoes. That's freaking ridiculous! I can't believe I have that many pairs of shoes! The funny thing is, I wear them all. Some of them only get used once or twice a year, but they all get worn. I think it's silly that some shoes I can tell you where I bought them. I can tell you how much some of them cost. I can tell you what kind of box they came in and what I wore with some of them on special occasions. I was just noticing that each one of them has their own story.
My vans, both pairs, I got before this school year started.
My converse: This is my third pair of black and white, ankle-cut converse. The sole is starting to come off. I like shoes that way. I think it gives them character. They have been through a lot of relationships and shopping trips with me.
New Balance's: They are my running shoes. They carried me the last time I ran with my sister. I had an asthma attack and an allergy attack at the same time at the end of that run.
Black and White Heels: I wore them to this years' MORP dance. One of the funnest dances I ever went to. My date was Eric Alsop. We were mobsters.
Black and White Heart Heels: I wore them to my first dance. Homecoming my JR year.
Silver Rhinestone Heels: I wore these to my first and last prom JR year. That was one day I can say I actually felt beautiful.
Thin Heels: Don't want to talk about it....
Red High Tops: Wore them to my first Homecoming Night Assembly performance. One of the funnest Hip Hop dances I've ever performed. My first year on Dance Company JR year.
Pink Sandals: I've had them since last summer. They hurt my feet but I think they're so cute that I wear them anyway.
White and Blue sandals: I bought them at Amara. That was a good day. I bought a cute outfit for a date. I don't remember what the date was but I remember who it was with and my cute outfit. (ha ha).
Yellow Heels: They make me feel super tall. I wore them to my first Sadie's dance JR year. I remember we went to a movie that day. It was sort of cold. I had to take them to this old guy on Main St. who repaired them for a buck because they broke and he's just cool like that. My niece wore them outside once in our sandbox when our ditch ran and got them all muddy.
Red Heels: Every time I wear them I get compliments from guys. Ha ha. I don't know why, though. They're falling apart, but I love them so much, I can't get rid of them just yet.
Slip On Tennis Shoes: I've had them since JR High. They are comfortable and I love to wear them, even though they're out of style. No memories, though.
Velvet Heels: I wore these to this years Homecoming with Christian Sagers. Also one of the funnest dances I've been to. I wore them the night I got my YW medallion.
Black High Tops: I wore them to Preference JR year. I went with Nate Barlow. I wore a big black and pink poofy dress with it. It was super fun. He wore converse with his tux. What a guy.
Blue Flip Flops: I got them at American Eagle. They go with me on every warm trip.
Blue New Balances: I've had them since 7th grade. I wore them in PE the first day I met Alicia Davis, now one of my good friends. I wore them the first time I climbed Timpanogus (the mountain, not the cave). I got really sick on that hike. I sprinted from druggies in those shoes, too.
Tan Flats: I wore them to EFY. Nuff said.
Pink Small Heel Sandal Things: I haven't worn them yet because I bought them to get a discount on another pair of shoes this past winter. So I've been waiting for things to warm up so I can wear them.
Green Slip On's: I wore them to Camyll's Wedding. Green and Creme. So pretty! I had delicious cake that I haven't been able to eat since because I had so much of it. It's been over 3 years now, so, it obviously had lasting effects...
Cloth Grey Shoes: I almost didn't buy them because I didn't want to look emo. But, I did and I love them.
Black and Red Checker Flats: I don't wear them often because they're a little to big for me I remember buying them to go with an outfit I bought for our dance company opening social my first year (JR year).
That's as much as I can remember without falling asleep. I think I got my words.
So many shoes, so many stories. Hooray for shoes.

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