Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where Your Money Lies

So, I just saw Beastly. I'm a sap, so I loved it, of course. I love to see other people madly, hopelessly, and honestly in love. It makes me feel somewhat hopeful. In some way, anyway . . .
I guess it got my brain waves going. I think it's funny how much time we take worrying about what we look like or what we say or what we do and how we do it. We worry too much about the things that aren't worth worrying over. The only thing I can come up with is to blame it all on being human. Which is the lamest excuse in the book. Well, it is and it isn't. But, in this case, it is. Why do we spend so much time worrying about ourselves, when, if we took the time to worry about others and just do what's right, then we wouldn't have to worry about ourselves because we'd be all taken care of.
I think this not only goes for the people who can't stop looking in the mirror without having a breakdown, but also the people who just beat themselves up day after day, after day. I mean, what's the point to that either? Some say it's to keep themselves humble, others  say it's because it's the truth. Well, to both of them I am sorry. I'm sorry that you hide in fear of yourself and that you think so hopelessly about who you are just because you either don't like what you see, or because you feel like you can always find something better.
I think we not only worry too much about what others think about us, but also what we think about other people. I mean, look around you, every single one of us has a glowing spirit (hidden or not) that lay just under the skin and all that hard stuff you've got plastered on your heart to keep anything else from getting in, just because you're too afraid. Well, stop it. Who cares? Who cares if he or she has this or is doing that or looks like my great aunts uncles sisters cousins friends grandma. Who cares? It's all just in your head, anyway. And it's probably far from where your judgements and your thoughts . . . and your heart should be.
Care. Just not too much. Care about what's on the inside. Because that's what really counts.

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  1. It's true; we do all think way too much about ourselves. I liked what the Secretary in our Stake YW presidency said recently. She was feeling very inadequate in her new calling, and was praying for assurance. The answer she received was, "Forget yourself--start praying about the people you are to serve." I think that rings true in more than just church callings; it can be applied to all aspectes of our lives. As we turn outside ourselves and focus on others, our lives become more rich with the things that matter most, and we can see how we fit into the big picture and into things larger than ourselves. Isn't that what we're all so worried about anyway? Funny how you have to turn your focus outward to find what you need on the inside--seems counterintuitive--but it's true... And I've totally wanted to see that movie, but haven't yet!