Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Worth Being

I don't really know what to write about....again. But I realized that my 1500 words is due tomorrow and I only have 494 words so far. So, I'm going to really have to push myself tonight to really get something worth pennies onto paper....or....virtual paper I guess.
I've been thinking a lot lately. I spend so much time running back and fourth alone in my car, I've had all this time to allow my thoughts to roam free. They scare me sometimes; my thoughts. Because sometimes they take me places I wish I could block of from my memory, or even my knowledge. But, at the same time. I think it's been good for me. It's sort of allowed me to do some soul searching. I have discovered new things about myself lately that I didn't really know. For instance:

  • It depends on the morning, but I generally like french toast and bacon for breakfast.
  • I'm starting to consider the fact that maybe pale skin isn't all that bad.
  • I have a certain taste in clothes I didn't know was there.
  • I really like a lot of the music I used to listen to. (who knew it could come back to haunt me?)
  • I love classic things. I love classiness. I love class (not school class though).
  • I'm not too bad at focusing on things if I let myself.
  • I'm more outgoing than I thought.
  • I don't really like chocolate all that much (it can depend on the day, though).
  • I'm more organized than I give myself credit for.
  • My favorite color is red.
  • My love for nature hasn't left me. It's actually even stronger than before.
  • I love jewelry.....who knew?
  • I can't get enough of magazines. Not for the clothes, but for the photography.
  • I hate talking about myself. (which is weird since that's pretty much all you do on a blog kind of...)
  • I like pockets.
  • I DO want to get married someday . . . even though my viewpoint of the male figure has not changed at all.
  • I like going to dances. (some people would gasp and say, 'WHAT?' to that one.)
  • I hate wasting time (unless it's with a gooooooood movie or book.)
  • I wish I could juggle.
There are other things, but I'll keep them to myself for future references. :) I think that as humans, we look at other people and compare ourselves to them. We spend so much of our thought process wishing we could do this, or wishing we could look like this, or wanting to change something about ourselves, or whatever. I think we need to spend more time focusing on what we like about ourselves and how we can improve what we've got to make it better in the eyes of God and not in the eyes of some person. Some days it's easy to see your worth and some days (usually most days), you wish you had something different. But the thing is, you are who you are, so make you worth being.

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  1. I learned a few more things about you by reading this. :) We have a few things in common. You are realizing earlier in life than I did that pale skin is not so bad. Took me a few really nasty sunburns to learn that lesson, and a terrible allergic reaction to tanning beds! And I don't really like chocolate that much either. :) Love you Sis!