Monday, March 21, 2011

Why Every Girl Should Go To Prom

Pretty dress
Roses and other flowers
Oodles of fun
Memories that make you smile

Every girl wants to feel beautiful. Every girl wants to be loved by some cute boy she thinks is worth her time. Every girl wants to dance and have a magical night in a beautiful gown, with her hair all done up in a way she would never really do it except for that one night. Every girl wants to be spun around on a dance floor with someone she has fun with, who will make her laugh, who won't make her feel awkward if she dances silly or trips on her high heels or the hem of her dress. Every girl wants that reassurance that, out of all the guys at school, at least one of them wants to take the time just for them. Not necessarily because it's a romantic thing, but because they both want to have fun and have a good time. Every girl just wants to feel good about herself. Is that so much to ask?

So, this is my senior year and, unfortunately and fortunately, I didn't get asked to my senior prom. I've contemplated as to why this happened. It made me feel bad about myself, sort of worthless. I had it in my head that no one asked me because they didn't want to spend their time with or their money on me. At first, I thought I couldn't blame them. I could find many reasons why any boy would not want to ask me to a dance. Especially prom. But, then I realized that I am me, and, someday, I'll be worth everything in the world so someone, so, maybe it doesn't matter that much. I mean, of course it matters. It makes you feel bad for a while. But, once High School is over and I'll never see more than (most likely) one or two, if any, of these people again. I just have to keep my eye on that one day where my prom dress will be white, and my date will be the one man who I will know will say I'm beautiful without looking at the girl behind me, who I know will dance with me because I'm the only girl he wants to dance with, who I know doesn't care if I accidentally laugh too loud or say something stupid. Someone who I know will have the best date with ever, and it won't be prom.

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  1. Aw, Tweed. That sucks. How does a gorgeous girl (inside and out), and someone so funny and fun to be with not get asked to the prom? I have the answer...all the boys thought you'd already been asked. It happens. They all think you're already taken by someone else. That is the only explanation. Do something really fun that night for yourself!!!