Monday, April 18, 2011

Major Decision

Today, I've decided to major in dance. Some of those who may have read this or heard me talking before have probably known this before me. I couldn't decide between dance or photography. I decided that I was going to double major. Double majoring while being on the drill team, keeping my scholarship, and keeping a 'b' average to remain on the team, take institute, etc, etc, would have killed me.
I think I am superwoman or whatever sometimes and that I can do anything and nothing can take me down or ruin my dreams. But, of course, I am a human, and there are things I may not be able to do. I know this for a fact. Dance and photography mixed up in schedules for registering for classes. They were all offered at the same time. I love photography, but dance has always been my 'thing.' Photo didn't pop up until my sophomore year.
I was teaching at auditions today for Dance Co. at my high school. It dawned on me how much I really enjoy teaching dance. I hate (almost more than anything) getting up in front of people. But, that's funny because I love speaking in public and I love teaching dance. I'm a performer. I don't know how it works, but who cares, it's who I am.
I was standing by the fridge talking to my mom and (on the sides of religion), I had been pacing back and forth last night after looking at my schedule for next year. (I think I'm going to die, by the way.) I couldn't figure out what I needed to do.....what I wanted to do. Photo or dance, dance or photo, photo or dance...
So, after auditions today, I walked in the house, leaned on the fridge, and started talking to my mom about it and how much fun I had helping people and showing them how to do things. I said, "I really enjoy teaching dance, mom." and then I paused, smiled at her and said, "And I think I just figured it out."
I am sad that I am not pursuing photo at this point in my life. But I think I can MAKE TIME for it to be at LEAST a hobby or something like that.
I guess sometimes (like I said before) the obvious isn't always completely obvious when it comes to making choices. At least that's how it is for me. Thank goodness for common sense.


  1. I'm going to try. But I have so many dance classes I have to take plus generals, it might just have to be a hobbby.

  2. I have a friend that does photography as a hobby. She's REALLY good, and sometimes gets asked to do wedding photos or family photos for people she knows. It never hurts to keep something in your back pocket as a hobby. I'm so glad for you that you were able to decide on one major :) You're amazing at dance. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!