Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason

This week, the five words I have heard a lot that keep popping into my head are these: Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe this. God knows what's best for you, and the people you  meet come into your life for a reason.
My wise mother gave me something she wrote. It said something to the effect of "People come in and out of your lives. It's up to you whether you take something good or something bad out of each relationship, whatever kind of relationship it may be. Some relationships end bad, but it's your job to take something good from it."
With one month left of high school, I was thinking about this. Every single person I've met in high school has had some sort of influence on me. They've lead me to other people, they helped me learn valuable lessons, they put a smile on my face for a moment or two, they set an example for me, they helped me pass a class, they helped me feel like I belong, they were my friend, et cetera.
I was thinking how sad it will be to say goodbye to these people, most of which I will never see or speak to again. All I can do is take what I have been given from each relationship and make myself a better person and move forward.
I can't wait to see who I'll meet in the future and who will influence me in what way. Except, the most exciting part is that I get to influence people in their lives. I just hope that I've left those in high school as positively influenced as they've left me.

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