Monday, May 9, 2011

I Believe In Neverland

I believe everyone has their own neverland. Whether it a place, dream or happy thought, everyone has one. It isn’t a place where peter pan sweeps you away to, flying off on adventures of magical whim. It’s a place where people feel happy and safe. Somewhere where one can be themselves and forget everything for a moment.
When I was a kid, Neverland was a literal place. It was fact, not fiction. It was the star past that horizon, to the right and strait on till morning. It was that place where there was treasure, pirates, Indians, and flight. No matter what, it was always a constant place. It was a place where everyone could go and they wouldn’t have to worry about who they were or money or time. If you got taken to Neverland, all you had to do was play and think happy thoughts.
The thing is I’m no longer just a kid. I’m a legal adult with ambitions, hopes, dreams, and life ahead of me. And to every positive, there is a negative, of course. Life is hard. Hard things never seem to go away. Especially the older you get. You just have to remember that Neverland will find you. All you have to do is be patient.
How do you get to Neverland, you ask? Why, it’s very simple. There aren’t any math equations or flight schedules (even though flying is just what you’ll do to get there). There aren’t any bargains or   bribes, or any money involved at all. All you need is three things: faith, trust, and pixie dust. They aren’t hard to come by. The first two are inside you. The last is all around you. You just have to know where to look.
Faith is universal. I am not referring to faith in the religious sense. I am referring to faith as believing in something you cannot see. You cannot always physically see Neverland. Sometimes it’s far away, and sometimes it is closer than you think. Sometimes when someone pops up, unknowingly offering his or her hand to lift you into the air and fly away to Neverland with you, you don’t want to go. You have this or that to take care of. You have a million excuses. Maybe that’s why we lose sight of it. Because we don’t have enough faith to see something that is really there. Maybe we just aren’t looking hard enough for it.
Trust is something every individual has. For some it is hard to trust, for others it is easy. The only way we can get there is by trusting. Not just trusting someone else or the world around us, but trusting ourselves. We have to be willing to let go and take the risk. We have to trust enough to step out that bedroom window and know that you will not fall, but that you will fly.
The last is the hard one. It is something that resides within us all. It is light and it sparkles. It is something that can be blown onto other people. It is something we can share. It is that thing that sparkles in our eyes. It is that thing that lifts us into the air. We just have to have the faith and the trust that it will do just that. It is pixie dust.
Everyone has their own Neverland. We just have to know where to find it. It’s just outside our windows, waiting. It’s glistening brightly against that dark night sky, waiting for us to whisk away. All we have to do is open the window, step onto the window pane, take Peter’s hand, and fly past the bad stuff and strait on till morning. This I believe.

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