Sunday, May 15, 2011

Look Out, World, Here I Come!

It's my last Sunday as a seventeen year old. It's a strange thing, knowing that you'll soon be on your own, flying the nest, soaring to new heights. All that cleche' jazz. This past weekend some of my gal pals and I took off to St. George for my friend, Jacey's, belated birthday party.
We went down to her condo. It was so much fun just having us girls. Just chilling by the pool and eating good food. Staying up until early in the hot tub or watching movies (or, in my case, falling asleep). Saturday night, Jacey's mom let us take the "burban' and go out on the town. It was weird to me because that was the first time I had been away from home (at least outside of the usual places) with a bunch of friends, cruising the town, looking for some fun. It felt like a new kind of freedom. Something I didn't really know existed until I had tasted my first lick of it. It tasted wonderful. :)
Now, I have two more days and a few hours before I'm a legal adult. That is so weird to me. But, life goes on. In this case, it's a wonderful thing. Strange, but wonderful. I don't think I'll feel much different the moment I turn eighteen. But, I do know that I've noticed a difference in me the last few months, even weeks. Now, all I have to do is get out there and do something with myself.

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