Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Late Night Realizations

So, I just got back from my first job interview. I wasn't very nervous, really. Well, I was a little, but not completely freaking out. They guy was really nice and it was a comfortable atmosphere. I wasn't extremely worried about it. It felt pretty good. I drove home with a slime on my face. I hope I get the job, though. I'm not letting any negative thougths creep up. I have my fingers crossed.
I was thinkng last night about all the fun things I've done lately. I've taken chances and done things I've never done before. I thought to myself...shouldn't high school have been like this from the begining?.....I mean, there are hard times and easy times. Not every moment of school is fun. I just think that high school was supposed to be an adventure. I guess, looking back, I've just noticed how much I've missed out on because I had a boyfriend, I've been too shy in the past, and I wasn't as proactive as I am now. I sort of wish I could go back and change it all, make better decisions. But, at the same time, I'm happy the way things have turned out because of all the amazing lessons I've learned.
All of the lessons I've learned the past few years are totally going to make it that much easier for me the rest of my life. I don't have to figure those things out in college because I already know what to do or how to handle different situations. I just wish those lessons wouldn't have come out of making mistakes.
These are the things I've done that have been so fun and opened my eyes so much in the last few weeks:
1. went on a date
2.went on another date.
3. went to a party without having to worry about the fact that I had a boyfriend.
4. went to another party feeling the same way.
5. went to another party and kicked someone's butt!
6. started talking to my parents more.
7. had my first job interview
8. got invited to go to things people wouldn't have invited me to go do had I had a boyfriend.
9. got to go fishing.
10. started listening to the kind of music I like, regardless of what people think.
11. started paying attention to the good things
12. started making new friends
13. had a job interview
14. went for a late night borrito.
15. went to sub zero shack with Hannah.....
16. went and got a french fry borrito with two friends
17. started volunteering at an old folks home
18. started writing again.
19. went to cabellas with some friends...
20. wrote a few old fashioned letters

I wish I could have realized earlier what I've realized now.
Life is good, no matter what.

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