Monday, October 10, 2011

Slowing Down to Stop and Smell the Roses

Lately I have been reminded to appriciate the simple things in life. It all started last week when I was reading my scriptures and the thought came to my head to remember the simple things. Then again in institute and in my Creative Process class. Then again on Sunday in Releif Society and then today in my Creative Process class again.
I have noticed so many things. Like how when it snows and it's sunny, the snow flakes look like sparkles floating in the air (reminds me of a precious memory I have with my wonderful dad).  Or how when it's cold, you get to dive into those warm clothes that take up so much space in your closet (yes, hannah. I brought more clothes into my appt. Trust me...NOW it is full. haha). I have noticed how when you have a thought to do something or tell someone something you better do it or beware of letting that precious moment pass you by. Or how I don't get to dance because I am injured, so I watch the faces of the others on my team or in my class and realize that some of them have a passion for it as great as mine. Or how the slightest extention of a body part can make a movement even more beautiful. I have also noticed how a phone call (butt dial or not) is always worth answering when it's from someone you know (good or bad). I have noticed many other things but I'd be here all night if I told you all of them.
So this week, if you are reading this, remember the simple things. I promise, it makes the complicated things seem all that much more exciting and the small things more releiving.

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  1. You finally figured out the secret to a long and happy life. :D Loved it and Love you!
    Love MOM