Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heart Over Mind Over Matter

I had a good day. Then I came hope and got busy doing some things until I realized I hadn't checked my gmail account in what seems a year or more. So, I decided I'd check it just to delete the junk and dust it's proably colocted. When I opened it, I found some things that I was not expecting at all.
It just made me wonder. The timing of things always seems so . . . well, the way God wants it to be. The emails I saw could have saved me a lot of greif, so why didn't I see them before when they could have helped me more?
Here's what I figure: God knew I could have the easy way out. But, he decided to test me to see if I'd take the easy way out. I was stupid enough not to take the easy way out first and things just got more complicated. He decided that since I went with the more complex route, he'd throw in a few more things randomly and see how I handled them, because he knows I can. And that's just what I have to keep telling myself.
I was at dance with my PT (personal Trainer) tonight, and I was already tired and my body has been so worne out and in pain from all the working out I've been doing. Well, she had me do a releve' combonation that went on for I don't know how long. But it hurt like crazy. I almost started to cry (p.s. it was the second day in a few years I wasn't wearing a knee brace so my knee wasn't very happy with me either.) but then I realized that yeah, the combonation was arduous, it took a lot of effort and really tested my endurance and strength, but because I knew it was something that would benefit me (if I could take the good things out of it), then I could do it, challenge or no challenge. So, I didn't cry, I stared the wall down and squoze my muscles with all my might. I'm insanely sore already and it hasn't even been 2 hours, but I'm already noticing the effects.
I guess we just need to look at the bigger picture sometimes and realize that what isn't easy is totally worth it in some way or another.

Maybe Someday . . .

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  1. Sometimes we choose to learn things the hard way, other times we are smart and listen to the Lord and those around us who are there to help us not have to go through those hard things. And then there are the hard things that are good for us. I'm so proud of you and all the sacrifice and effort you put into dance. You have amazing talent and ability!!! Congratulations on making the team at Snow! You're going to have a blast.