Monday, February 7, 2011

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

I've been told by a few people that I should make a blog . . . so, here it is . . .
Today, it rained. Blunt statement, I know, but it did. I wanted to stand in the rain and get soaked in it. So, I stood outside my car door and ignored the fact that I probably looked like an idiot to anyone who was watching, and let the rain run down my face and create small puddles in my hand. Rain is truely one of my favorite things ever. It's always been good to me. It always allowed my imagination to run wild as a kid, it always rains when I'm sad, it used to always rain when my family would go to Fazolies for dinner, it almost always rains when I go to Jacey's house, my first kiss was in the pouring rain, i've seen the most amazing colors in the sky while it rained, everything's always so rich in color afterwards, it washes off my car when it's dirty,there is almost always a rainbow for someone at some angle, it washes my tears off my cheecks and the frown from my face, it sings me to sleep occasionally, it makes my hair curly just the way I like it (better than the way I have to fix it after a shower), it feels good on my tounge, it's water that i'm not afraid of, it takes away loneliness, it's extraordinarally fun to dance in, and it always makes me feel closer to God somehow. In other words, i'm incredibly greatful for rain, and it surprises me that it's taken me this long to realize how useful it's been in my life.
People are like raindrops to me. They all have their own little beam of water that hits something in some way or another. Sometimes they evaporate in mid air and have to wait to reaturn in the cycle, other times they freeze and have a greater impact on what they hit than they expected. What kind of raindrop are you? There's no way around it, today, I am in love with rain.


  1. Hey Cassady, I"m sorry I couldn't help you make your blog, but I'm glad you figured it out. Maybe one day we can hang out and I can teach you all the cool tricks about it.
    I thought you might like this song since it fits the address of your blog. It could be your anthem.

  2. Dear cass,
    you summed up why I love rain so much. Except for one thing, the sound the rain makes when it hits old japanese styled roofs. and how they splash against my obachan's windows while we all lie on futons in a small but comfortable tatame floored room. And yet, people still can't fathom why I love the rain so much. who doesn't love nostalgia of some place you love so much:)

  3. I like this post Cass :) It makes me feel like I am standing in the rain!