Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Yesterday was one of those days where everything went wrong. I called my mom and complained to her and she said, "You know that song 'Mama Said There would Be Days Like This'? Well, today is one of those days and you just have to nip it in the butt." or something along those lines. So, instead of stating all that went wrong, I'm going to make a list of all that went right . . .
  • I woke up alive and breathing
  • Dad took time out of his morning to make me delicious eggs for breakfast
  • My car worked and so did the heater
  • I found a parking spot at school
  • I was on time to class
  • I got several hugs
  • I was told I am loved
  • I went to seminary
  • I got two extra points plus 100 percent on my chemistry quiz
  • I had a lunch
  • I had several people to choose from to associate with at lunch
  • I had the ability to dance
  • I had a water bottle
  • Dad cleaned off my car for me this morning
  • I had enough gas to get me through the day
  • It was sunny this afternoon
  • People liked my boots
  • I ate a banana to help my muscles not cramp up so much, it helped.
  • I got an education
  • I was forgiven
  • My prayer was answered
  • I had two dinners
  • There were napkins in the Arby's sack
  • I called my mom
  • My dad called me
  • I was charged for only 30 min of a private lesson instead of an hour, including studio rental fees.
  • I danced some more because I could
  • I listened to amazing music
  • I was told an amazing thing by my dance substitute that she didn't know I needed to hear.
  • I took a HOT bath
  • The basement was the perfect temp.
  • I danced without my knee brace
  • I found some chap stick and a quarter in my night stand
  • I had time to get on here
  • I had time to retype this after I accidentally deleted it
  • I got to bed before 12 am
  • I read incredible Scriptures
  • I watched some of the game with dad
  • I'm still alive and breathing.
We are stronger than we think we are. When the wind tries to blow us away, we just need to turn around and catch it. Or, as my mother would say, turn around and nip it in the butt. :)


  1. oh my dearest Cass.
    I love you! This is amazing!
    Love MOM

  2. Cassady! You seemed to have forgotten me in that incredible list of yours. JK But way to keep on the positive side. Remember that you are never alone and that even if life can beat you down with a wooden bat. You have some amazing friends that can help you up and heal you back to good health. Also they can beat up whoever was wailing on you in the first place aka me :)